650 million people around the world do not
have access to safe drinking water

In countries with a developing economy, the growing middle class are increasingly buying bottled water because of uncertainty about the mains water, creating greater waste.

Agua Machine

A solar powered air to water machine that will provide self sufficiency for a family or small business; clean water for family members, employees, and customers. For about the size of a large drinking fountain, Agua contains everything to convert and store the energy of the sun and use that energy to dehumidify air. Agua also contains advanced filters to ensure that the water is clean, microbial, and material free. Great for for a small business in an off-grid location, with clean drinking water for low cost setup and running cost; or somebody in a town with questionable drinking water, Agua can help save money and use less waste compared to bottled water; or for families in rural, off-grid locations, clean drinking water can save lives.

Almost no operating cost

The Agua Machine provides sulf-sufficient, clean, drinking water from the air, with no water supply or external electricity needed. The Agua Machine can produce 20L to 40L of clean drinking water per day depending on the level of humidity (the higher humidity the better, so the products are better suited to warm, humid environments).

Alchemy Sun and Water

Alchemy Sun and Water is the start up developing the Agua machine, but we are excited to be doing some good in providing clean water to those that do not have access, and helping lower the environmental impact from drinking water use. Our long term goal is to provide a range of solar appliances: providing cost effective appliances for solar and off grid needs.

Free Agua Machine Offer

We are currently in the development stage of design. We will be making prototype units and providing them free to a few people that need a clean, self sufficient drinking source. In July, we will be running an Indiegogo campaign to raise some funds to build the prototype units. These fully functional units will be sent to some lucky people to use the Agua Machine at no cost, solar panels and installation included. As the Agua Machine will have cell connected IOT, all functions will be transmitted to the Internet, and accessed by our team. Everybody wins, somebody that lives in a hot and humid climate receives free clean drinking water, and we can evaluate the functionality remotely. Email keith@aguamachine for more information, or check out the blog that describes the offer in more detail.

Our Water Solution

There is still an alarmingly large amount of people without clean drinking water, and still millions of people, women mostly,that have to walk long distances just to have the day's water for their family. Also as towns and cities grow around the world, the water infrastructure does not keep up, with contaminated water (lead and fecal mater) at the faucet. We want to help provide a solution of clean drinking water to those that need it (and it has been seen that extra time not carrying water, is time used productively). Also we want to make people self sufficient in providing low cost clean water (compared to bottled water) with less waste and nearly no operating cost.

The Development of Agua

The team of engineers is developing a prototype of Agua. We plan on running an Indiegogo campaign in May to help us produce prototypes and send to villages in the Yucatan and Latin America to give them clean water. Give us your email (below) and receive occasional newsletters with updates on development of the product and the overall progress of our plan.


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